Meet Elizabeth

Elizebeth Ann McKinney, young adult fantasy author.

Welcome! Curious about me? You've come to the right place!

While most teenage girls were busy thinking about the beach, biology, or boys, I was busy getting my first two novels published. I conceived the idea for my Sons and Daughters series at the age of twelve and have been writing ever since.

Although the young adult fantasy genre is extremely popular with teen readers, I was disillusioned with many of the books offered in recent years which are sensational in nature but lacking in character development, interesting plot twists, and descriptive narrative (I will now refrain from listing examples). Unlike the books that are so popular today, I wanted to make my books different by eliminating the clichés that are so prevalent in most fantasy.

I enjoy speaking about my books and love for writing with aspiring young authors and have visited many schools in my area. I've also participated in numerous author events and signings at bookstores and libraries. Recently, I was featured with well-known fantasy author, Elizabeth Moon (Crown of Renewal), at the Readers' and Writers' Round Table event in Salado, TX. I also joined award-winning young adult authors Mari Mancusi (Shattered and Scorched) and Sherry Thomas (Burning Sky) as a guest author on their book tour.

 A proud Texan by birth, I am now attending Liberty University in Virginia. When I'm not  pursuing my studies or working on the next book in the Sons and Daughters series, I enjoy spending  time with family and friends and dream of living in Scotland someday. (I also really love designing costumes for my characters, and no, that's not as nerdy as it sounds—ask any costume designer on any Hollywood film!)