Young Falcon by Elizebeth Ann McKinney, Young Fantasy Author

Young Falcon
Centuries from now, our world is populated by elves, and the human race is thought to be extinct. On a routine trip gone awry, a young elven girl named Elysia discovers that the humans are indeed alive, and they’re thirsty for vengeance. Caught up in events beyond her understanding, Elysia fights to protect her home and save her people from an enemy they never expected. Learn more about Young Falcon here


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Fallen Rose. Young Adult Fantasy book by E.H. McKinney


Fallen Rose
In the next installment of Sons and Daughters, Elysia’s home Yaracina struggles against the humans’ superior armies, and one by one, cities succumb to Zoser’s power. Desperate to escape the assassin that pursues her, Elysia journeys over mountains, fights her first real battle, and strives to distinguish friends from enemies. Filled with adventure, romance, and page-turning action, Fallen Rose is an epic continuation of Elysia’s journey to protect everything she holds dear. Discover more about Fallen Rose here

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